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Social Proof: The New “Word of Mouth” for Law Firms

Let’s start with a good definition:  Social proof is the influence that the actions and attitudes of the people around us, either in real life or online, have on our own behavior. The "proof" element is the idea that if other people are doing it or saying it, it must be valuable or worthwhile and I should jump in too.  Let’s face it, if you walk into a room and everyone is looking up at the ceiling, chances are pretty good that you’re going to look up too.

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The Must-Have Building Blocks of Digital Marketing

While many companies and businesses understand that they need to be "on the Internet," they usually do little to engage their target audience.  Today's potential clients are more sophisticated and informed than ever before.  Information is available 24/7, no matter where you are or what you're doing, and answers to questions are now always at the consumer’s fingertips.  It's imperative that businesses create a marketing strategy that speaks to the problems that both their current and potential clients are facing.  Everyone is talking about digital marketing or online marketing or inbound marketing and they’re asking a lot of questions:

  • Is your company doing PPC?
  • What should I do about SEO?
  • Should my business blog?
  • What are you posting on social media?
  • Are you using video?
  • How do I get my firm on the first page of Google?
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Is Your Law Firm Blog Ready for 2018?


There is plenty of blogging advice out there for the legal arena… write less, write more, keep your sentences short and to the point, use legal jargon, write in plain language clients understand, use lots of bullet points since readers skim, use bold for emphasis, quote facts, add visuals… the list goes on and on.  Creating a blog for your law firm is really no longer an option and definitely not something to put on the back burner for when you "have time."  Blogging by attorneys has become an essential part of any law firm’s overall digital marketing strategy.  Research shows that law firms that blog, consistently increase their lead volume and client acquisition.

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Is My Website Bad for Business?


Let’s start with a short case study…a truly sad and unnecessary scenario.

A very interested, potential customer is referred to your business by a friend or current client.  Before they contact you, this prospective customer does what everyone does… they visit your website to check you out.  They want to learn more about you and your business, your goods and services, how you work, your hours, and maybe your fee structure.  You’re excited!  You wait and wait, but hear nothing.  The silence is deafening. They don’t call for an appointment or visit your store. They don’t email you with a question.  Nothing happens.  Apparently your warm lead has turned iced cold.

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The Top 3 Messenger Platforms and How They Stack Up in Usage


Depending on your generation, you may - or may not - be aware of the explosive use of mobile messenger platforms.  With the global adoption of mobile smartphones and devices, you need to understand that conventional phone service... making a phone call... is being used less and less. From its ashes arise the messenger app, a cheaper and more feature-rich interface, which is ushering in a new chapter of human communication. Whether or not you will ever become a user, it is important for you to know about this phenomenon as it might affect your own business' mobile optimization.

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Buyer Personas: Is Your Business Targeting the Right Customers?

Great marketing begins when you have a solid understanding of who you are trying to attract.  Buyer personas have arguably become the foundation of any digital marketingcontent marketing, and inbound marketing strategy.  It stands to reason that the more information you have about your ideal customers and clients, the better you can craft your marketing strategy and messaging to serve them.  Building out your buyer personas... and yes, you will have more than just one or even two... takes time and effort.  You need to do your homework and that includes in-depth research, surveys, and interviews, not guesses and assumptions.  

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Digital Marketing for Law Firms…In-House or Outsource?

While many law firms understand that they need to be “on the Internet,” and create and publish content, they usually do little to present it in a way that engages their target audience, and that is the key.  It’s obvious from statistics that potential clients are now looking online for an attorney to solve a problem.  Today’s prospective clients are more sophisticated and informed than ever before.  Information is easily available, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  The Internet is flooded with webpages, blog articles, and social media pages, all vying for the same clients and that top spot on the search results page.  This has made the legal space one of the most competitive verticals on the web.  It’s important to ask yourself… What is my firm doing to drive relevant traffic to our web properties, generate leads and stand out from the competition?

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Law Firm Personas… Are You Targeting the Right Clients?

Personas have arguably become the backbone of any digital marketing, content marketing, and inbound marketing strategy for law firms.  Great legal marketing begins when you understand and are confident about who you are trying to attract.  It stands to reason that the more information you have about your ideal clients and target audience, the better you can craft your marketing strategy and messaging to serve them.  Building out a persona takes time and effort.  You need to do your homework and that includes research, surveys, and interviews, not guesses and assumptions.  

But, when working with law firms and attorneys, I often get push-back.  I hear things like:  “Why are we spending time on this?” or  “I’ve been a lawyer for 25 years; don’t you think I know who my clients are?”  Ask a family law attorney who her ideal client is and she’ll tell you someone getting a divorce.  Ask a personal injury attorney, and he’ll say it’s someone who’s been in a car accident.  These are very vague, broad business descriptions.  What is missing is the personal connection that is so integral to a successful marketing strategy… a real understanding of the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your prospective client.

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Inbound Marketing for Law Firms… Attract Clients Like a Magnet

Let’s start out with a few eye-popping statistics:

  • Over 90% of all law firm websites fail to deliver any kind of personalized content geared to their target audience.
  • Over 95% of people seeking legal advice use the internet first to find answers.
  • Less than 35% of law firm websites are optimized for mobile devices, though almost 40% of all law firm related traffic comes from searches on smartphones.
  • Over 70% of people who begin a legal search online, end up contacting a law office or attorney via phone.
  • People earning over $150,000 per year are most likely to find a lawyer through an Internet search!
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SEO…Get Ranked, Get Found, Get New Business!

Let’s start with a few important and telling statistics:

  • Longer content tends to rank higher. The average first page result on Google contains 1,890 words. (Backlinko)
  • Marketers see SEO as becoming more effective, with 82% reporting effectiveness is on the rise and 42% of that group stating effectiveness is increasing significantly. (MarketDive) 
  • 72% of consumers who did a local online search visited a business or company within five miles. (WordStream)
  • 75% percent of internet use will be mobile in 2017.  Nearly 40% of people search only on a smartphone in an average day. (Reuters)
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