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7 Steps to Optimize Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Every now and then I talk to people about paid search advertising, I'll hear "oh I never click on those sponsored links."

I am quick to point out that Google generated almost $44B in advertising revenue during 2012, so while it may not be you, somebody is clicking on those ads!

Fact is, that your web presence would be well served to have a blend of website content, social media participation, and advertising.

Paid advertising can be the fastest route to lead generation, and the most powerful way to test offers, and compare landing pages.

We've recently created this YouTube video to help you get a handle on some basics, before you jump in.


Here are the steps we cover:
1. Begin with keyword research - find out what words your customers and prospects use when doing their searches, and find out what other advertisers are competing for them
2. Well crafted ad copy - you need to use succinct and attention-getting language to turn a searcher into a visitor
3. Practice A/B Ad testing - try out different ads, and learn to use tools that help you compare which ones get you the most cost-effective leads
4. Manage Bids - pay attention to how much you are bidding for different keywords, and how effective your ads are in getting good position, and good results.
5. Make landing pages relevant - give visitors what they are looking for. If you bid on the keyword "widgets" and your ad says "Best widgets in town," then the landing page ought to say something about widgets and how to get them from you.
6. Hone the call to action (CTA) - make sure to tell your prospective customers what they can do next, to get what they want. Should they buy something from you online? Pick up a phone? Subscribe to your newsletter?
7. Measure results and adapt - there are few absolute "right" and "wrong" campaign. The key is to be better than your competition, and that means paying attention to all the other factors, and regularly adjusting your campaign to stay ahead of the pack.

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