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Gary Levine

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Is My Website Bad for Business?


Let’s start with a short case study…a truly sad and unnecessary scenario.

A very interested, potential customer is referred to your business by a friend or current client.  Before they contact you, this prospective customer does what everyone does… they visit your website to check you out.  They want to learn more about you and your business, your goods and services, how you work, your hours, and maybe your fee structure.  You’re excited!  You wait and wait, but hear nothing.  The silence is deafening. They don’t call for an appointment or visit your store. They don’t email you with a question.  Nothing happens.  Apparently your warm lead has turned iced cold.

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The Top 3 Messenger Platforms and How They Stack Up in Usage


Depending on your generation, you may - or may not - be aware of the explosive use of mobile messenger platforms.  With the global adoption of mobile smartphones and devices, you need to understand that conventional phone service... making a phone call... is being used less and less. From its ashes arise the messenger app, a cheaper and more feature-rich interface, which is ushering in a new chapter of human communication. Whether or not you will ever become a user, it is important for you to know about this phenomenon as it might affect your own business' mobile optimization.

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PPC for Law Firms: Generate Leads and Increase Revenue

Imagine you’re sitting at your desk wondering why your law firm’s billings are not where you want them to be.  Wouldn’t it be great if just then, the phone rang, or a message from your website came into your inbox with an inquiry from a qualified prospective client?  Wouldn’t it be even better if more of these were coming in every day?

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Yes, you can (add video to law firm marketing)

This is a guest post, courtesy of Anna Davalos, founder of Alejo Media, a Northern Virginia video production company.

Thinking of creating videos to promote your law firm online?  Online marketing is critical to any firm's growth, and today's online marketing challenge is attention - how to get it among all the messaging out on on the web.

Video lets you cut through a lot of the clutter. It's is flexible and can go in your content marketing, email signature, on your website, blog, digital advertising and social media.

Yet some law firms are still resisting, often for one of these reasons: 

  • I can't do videos, I might get sued.
  • I can't do videos, my industry has certain rules.
  • I can't do videos because what I do is too hard to explain.

I've got news for you, you can do videos and more than likely you NEED video. Specifically for the reasons you've just given me. One group in particular who tells me this is lawyers.

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Marketing Automation: Turning Visitors into Leads

One of the popular misconceptions I hear from people who are relatively new to internet marketing is that everything is about getting more visitor traffic to your website.  While getting more traffic is a desireable goal - particularly for a new or growing business - you need to identify the potential leads, and efficiently nurture them into new clients.

As buyers of virtually all goods and services enjoy the ability to research and understand their needs and sift through their options online before they have to talk to a salesperson, the responisibility for identifying the leads and nurturing them increasingly needs to be done with your online marketing tools. The definition of "Marketing Automation" is the process of using your website, email, workflows, and social media, to sift through your website visitors to identify and nurture leads into clients.

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Tips and Tricks for Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

According to Litmus research,  56% of all emails were opened on mobile devices in September, 2016.  Our inboxes are in our pockets, which means we can, and most often do, read our email messages while we’re on the go.  We squeeze extra scans of our inbox into windows of time like waiting on lines, sitting on planes or buses.

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4 Key Steps to Plan Your Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategy

Law firms and the people who run them are inundated with daily offers to get the best website, use social media the right way, blog, publish videos, advertise, and more.

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Best Directories for Marketing your Law Firm

Legal Directories in the Marketing Mix

It is important to maximize your law firm directory marketing by having complete and accurate listings for your attorneys and firm. 

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The beginners guide to law firm lead generation

Growing a law firm or legal practice hinges on your firm connecting to the people who need your services, a.k.a. “leads.” If you have been thinking about how to generate new leads for your firm, this is a good place to start.

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Best Methods to Evaluate Your Law Firm Competitors


Do you want your law firm’s website to generate more leads, more clients, and more revenue?  If you do, then you need to know who you’re competing with to capture those leads, and how they are doing so that you can do it better.

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