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Major Challenge for Marketers: Keeping up with mobile and social marketing

Mobile and Social Marketing Challenge GraphA recent study by IBM revealed that the changes in marketing channels and mobile devices are the top challenges marketers are confronting right now.

The study revealed that 41% of the respondents cited the proliferation of channels such as the various social media options that seem to spring up almost weekly, and the explosion of mobile device access, are top of mind for the surveyed marketers.

Businesses can make a significant inroad into the mobile trend by building mobile versions of their websites that display in an easy-to-read format on mobile devices from tablets to phones.

These companies should also develop a social media strategy that helps them prioritize and orchestrate their social media investment. Start by following these these few, straightforward planning steps:

1. Define your objectives - what do you want your social presence to do for your business? Improve your marketplace visibility, enhance brand loyalty, strengthen your relationships with clients...?

2. Determine where your clientele are spending their social media time - with the proliferation of social platforms, you may find that your top prospects spend their quality time on Facebook, or twitter, or LinkedIn, or Pinterest, or other systems. Talk to your clients to find out where they spend their time, and invest your energies in those media.

3. Create a content plan - once you've picked the media, determine what kinds of content you need - articles, videos, images - and plan out a mechanism for creating relevant content, and getting into your selected media accounts.

4. Check the advertising options - most social platforms are offering advertising options. Advertising options can increase your visibility and reinforce your image as a significant presence in your market segment.

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