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The Must-Have Building Blocks of Digital Marketing

While many companies and businesses understand that they need to be "on the Internet," they usually do little to engage their target audience.  Today's potential clients are more sophisticated and informed than ever before.  Information is available 24/7, no matter where you are or what you're doing, and answers to questions are now always at the consumer’s fingertips.  It's imperative that businesses create a marketing strategy that speaks to the problems that both their current and potential clients are facing.  Everyone is talking about digital marketing or online marketing or inbound marketing and they’re asking a lot of questions:

  • Is your company doing PPC?
  • What should I do about SEO?
  • Should my business blog?
  • What are you posting on social media?
  • Are you using video?
  • How do I get my firm on the first page of Google?
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How to Create Effective Content Marketing Campaigns for Lawyers

A smart and effective content marketing strategy for lawyers is an absolute must for reaching new clients.  When people have legal questions, or concerns about existing cases, they turn to Google for information. This is where marketing often begins and content marketing can really prove invaluable. When your law firm publishes informative content that gives insight into a potential client’s problems or answers their questions, the firm raises its own profile and further establishes itself as a local thought leader on these issues.

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5 Important Tips to Creating a Highly Effective Law Firm Blog

Many of the nation’s law firms have launched blogs in an effort to boost business development.  A blog can play a major role in your overall digital marketing strategy, but you need to keep it up with regular, timely entries.  Blogs should speak to your target audience with insight into interesting legal developments.  It should showcase in-depth knowledge and establish you and your firm as authorities on topics in your practice area(s).  It should have a unique personality and enhance your online presence.

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Content Marketing… Build a strategy, not just a content plan

Inbound marketing has become the moste effective way to do business online.  It focuses on publishing valuable , creative, interestesting content that attracts prospective customers to your products and services.  Inbound takes content marketing a step further - publishing content that aligns with your customer's and potential customer's interests, offering value, and building your organization's credibility.

Content marketing and content strategy have become umbrella terms.  They mean different things to different people and are used interchangeably.  Though the lines may sometimes be blurred, it’s important to remember that a content marketing strategy and a content strategy are not the same thing.

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By now, you've heard all about content marketing. You may have even heard of "content shock," too. So which is it? Is content marketing a necessary and integral part of digital marketing success, or is there so much content  out there already that it's hard to believe that anything new can be worthwhile?

For brands and businesses, the answer is some of both. Content is, and always will be, the mainstay of digital marketing. Whether it’s blog posts or videos, social posts or eBooks, content plays an important role in the building of a digital reputation. And make no mistake: brands need to be active in the digital arena to achieve success in 2016 and into the future.

But it’s also true that the digital space is overrun with content. The more content there is, the harder it is to find content that is valuable and relevant. It’s no wonder brands get confused about the best way to approach content marketing!

To help you on your journey, we've created on infographic with some useful stats and trends that will help shine a light on How to Gain a Content Marketing Advantage:

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Simplify the Elements of Content Marketing

If you are at all  involved in marketing these days, you hear (or say) "content marketing" at least 10  times a day.  It is clearly at the heart of search engine strategies, social media strategies, inbound marketing and marketing automation strategies. 

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MARKETING AUTOMATION: All the Cool Marketers Are Doin’ It

Nowadays, communication channels are coming out the wazoo. And while that seems great for brands who aim to engage and generate leads online, it’s definitely not easy. It can be a time-consuming and resource-eating process to ensure you’re hitting all the right bases at precisely the right time during the buyer’s journey! Unless, of course, you decide to hit cruise control and automate your marketing…

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Whitepaper: 5 Simple Principles of eMail Marketing

While many marketers are talking about Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I wonder how many new marketers take advantage advantage of eMail marketing. It isn't new. It isn't sexy. It isn't hard (yay!). But it is effective.

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Fixing 5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes

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