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Content Marketing: Is Your Law Firm a Thought-Leader?

Content…it’s all about content.  Whether it’s a blog, newsletter, article, email blast, social post, or video, the competition to attract new and keep existing clients has led law firms and attorneys to increasingly publish more and more content.  You know your firm needs to be on the Internet.  But, are you really meeting the goal of connecting with your ideal clients?

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Infographic: How to Convert More Leads Without Generating Any New Traffic

When it comes to landing pages, the numbers are skewed. Landing pages do a staggeringly effective job at converting site visitors into paying customers. But directing customers to a standalone landing pages is an underused tactic.

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Create Highly Effective Content that Generates New Leads for Law Firms

Content is king.  We’ve been hearing it for years.  But what, exactly, is content marketing and how does your law firm “buy in” and create a content marketing strategy that meets your goals, builds your brand, attracts new clients, and grows revenue?

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How to Create Effective Content Marketing Campaigns for Lawyers

A smart and effective content marketing strategy for lawyers is an absolute must for reaching new clients.  When people have legal questions, or concerns about existing cases, they turn to Google for information. This is where marketing often begins and content marketing can really prove invaluable. When your law firm publishes informative content that gives insight into a potential client’s problems or answers their questions, the firm raises its own profile and further establishes itself as a local thought leader on these issues.

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