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Tips and Tricks for Mobile-Friendly Email Campaigns

According to Litmus research,  56% of all emails were opened on mobile devices in September, 2016.  Our inboxes are in our pockets, which means we can, and most often do, read our email messages while we’re on the go.  We squeeze extra scans of our inbox into windows of time like waiting on lines, sitting on planes or buses.

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MARKETING AUTOMATION: All the Cool Marketers Are Doin’ It

Nowadays, communication channels are coming out the wazoo. And while that seems great for brands who aim to engage and generate leads online, it’s definitely not easy. It can be a time-consuming and resource-eating process to ensure you’re hitting all the right bases at precisely the right time during the buyer’s journey! Unless, of course, you decide to hit cruise control and automate your marketing…

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Whitepaper: 5 Simple Principles of eMail Marketing

While many marketers are talking about Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I wonder how many new marketers take advantage advantage of eMail marketing. It isn't new. It isn't sexy. It isn't hard (yay!). But it is effective.

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