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Is it Time to Outsource your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy?

While many law firms understand that they need to be “on the Internet,” and create and publish content, they usually do little to present it in a way that engages their target audience.  Today’s prospective clients are more sophisticated and informed than ever before.  Information is easily available, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.  Law firms need to create engaging content that is jargon-free, answers questions, and speaks to the problems their clients and potential clients are facing. 

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Yes, you can (add video to law firm marketing)

This is a guest post, courtesy of Anna Davalos, founder of Alejo Media, a Northern Virginia video production company.

Thinking of creating videos to promote your law firm online?  Online marketing is critical to any firm's growth, and today's online marketing challenge is attention - how to get it among all the messaging out on on the web.

Video lets you cut through a lot of the clutter. It's is flexible and can go in your content marketing, email signature, on your website, blog, digital advertising and social media.

Yet some law firms are still resisting, often for one of these reasons: 

  • I can't do videos, I might get sued.
  • I can't do videos, my industry has certain rules.
  • I can't do videos because what I do is too hard to explain.

I've got news for you, you can do videos and more than likely you NEED video. Specifically for the reasons you've just given me. One group in particular who tells me this is lawyers.

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Digital Marketing for Law Firms and Attorneys…Dominate in 2017

The end of 2016 is fast approaching and now is the time to plan your law firm’s marketing strategy for 2017.  Whether you have a marketing team, you’re doing it on your own, or you outsource to a digital marketing firm, the one thing you can’t do is put your marketing efforts on repeat.  New trends and challenges, technology, Google algorithm updates, new platforms and methods for search, and user expectations continue to change and your marketing plans need to evolve if you’re going to continue to be effective and ensure long-term success.  So, how do you make your marketing strategy more effective in 2017?

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How to Make Sure that Website Visitors Become Law Firm Clients

When it comes to law firm marketing, there’s always a lot of focus and talk about getting your firm on the first page of Google and increasing traffic to your website.  But traffic isn’t enough.  You need to get the right visitors to your website, potential clients who are looking for an attorney who practices the type of law that they need and you provide.  So how do you make your website into an effective lead generating machine?  How do you make sure that website visitors become law firm clients?

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4 Key Steps to Plan Your Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategy

Law firms and the people who run them are inundated with daily offers to get the best website, use social media the right way, blog, publish videos, advertise, and more.

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