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Law Firm Personas… Are You Targeting the Right Clients?

Personas have arguably become the backbone of any digital marketing, content marketing, and inbound marketing strategy for law firms.  Great legal marketing begins when you understand and are confident about who you are trying to attract.  It stands to reason that the more information you have about your ideal clients and target audience, the better you can craft your marketing strategy and messaging to serve them.  Building out a persona takes time and effort.  You need to do your homework and that includes research, surveys, and interviews, not guesses and assumptions.  

But, when working with law firms and attorneys, I often get push-back.  I hear things like:  “Why are we spending time on this?” or  “I’ve been a lawyer for 25 years; don’t you think I know who my clients are?”  Ask a family law attorney who her ideal client is and she’ll tell you someone getting a divorce.  Ask a personal injury attorney, and he’ll say it’s someone who’s been in a car accident.  These are very vague, broad business descriptions.  What is missing is the personal connection that is so integral to a successful marketing strategy… a real understanding of the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your prospective client.

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