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Is My Website Bad for Business?


Let’s start with a short case study…a truly sad and unnecessary scenario.

A very interested, potential customer is referred to your business by a friend or current client.  Before they contact you, this prospective customer does what everyone does… they visit your website to check you out.  They want to learn more about you and your business, your goods and services, how you work, your hours, and maybe your fee structure.  You’re excited!  You wait and wait, but hear nothing.  The silence is deafening. They don’t call for an appointment or visit your store. They don’t email you with a question.  Nothing happens.  Apparently your warm lead has turned iced cold.

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Case Studies…Lead Generation’s Secret Weapon

Case studies have been a staple of both sales and marketing departments for a long, long time.  We’ve all read them or heard them, and for the most part, we’ve all come away underwhelmed.  They’re dull, boring, predictable, and forgettable.  You know the formula:

  • Define the business problem or challenge
  • Discuss the solution provided by your company
  • Back it up with some good-looking results
  • Write it all up in 200 words or less
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Unlock the Power of a Lead Generating Website

When it comes to marketing, there’s always a lot of focus and talk about getting your business on the first page of Google and increasing traffic to your website.  But getting tons of traffic isn’t enough.  You need to get the right traffic to your website, potential customers and clients who are looking for the goods and services that they need and you provide.  Your website is the hub of everything you do… all the social media posts, blogs, premium content, email marketing, paid advertising, video, and in-person connections, are all designed to bring people to your website where you’ll have the opportunity to convert them.  This is where the magic happens…where visitors, looking for more information, become leads which gives you the opportunity to turn them into new customers and clients.

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Lead Generation: Social Media…Reach Out and Engage

Whether you like it not, or use it or not, it’s a fact that social media is here to stay, and it’s not just about pictures of your dinner plate and cute cat videos; it’s about business and generating a stream of quality leads.  Social media brings an important piece of the lead generation puzzle to the table, the ability to build a source of loyal, passionate customers and clients who literally hang on your every word.  It’s simple, it’s fast, it's measurable, and most importantly, it’s effective, especially when compared to outbound or traditional marketing.

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8 Proven Tactics to Turn Your Blog into a Lead Generation Machine


There is plenty of content marketing and blogging advice out there… content is king, write less, write more, keep your sentences short and to the point, use lots of bullet points since readers skim, use bold for emphasis, add visuals… it goes on and on.  Marketing data shows that blogging, even if it’s not part of a larger digital marketing strategy, definitely brings better business results.  According to Hubspot’s recent Benchmarks report, companies that blog 6 -8 times per month double their lead volume.  This proves that blogging is a highly effective channel for lead generation.

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Lead Generation: To Click or Not to Click...That is the CTA Question

As you learned from  our previous blog, Lead Generation Step #1… Create an Irresistible Offer, generating leads online has the power to transform your marketing and it begins with an irresistible offer that’s exciting and valuable.  But how do you get your target audience to view that amazing offer… to stop, read, consider, and most importantly take action?  It all comes down to creating a call-to-action or CTA that encourages website visitors and readers of your content to go ahead and take the next step and become a lead.  So what does a great CTA do?

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Lead Generation: Step #1… Create an Irresistible Offer!

Generating leads online has the power to transform your marketing and the first step is to ultimately get your potential clients to say yes to your offer.  The big question… how do you create an offer that’s exciting, relevant, and valuable, that makes your target audience stop, read, consider, and most importantly take action?  Here are 5 elements that shouldn’t be ignored.

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