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5 Important Tips to Creating a Highly Effective Law Firm Blog

Many of the nation’s law firms have launched blogs in an effort to boost business development.  A blog can play a major role in your overall digital marketing strategy, but you need to keep it up with regular, timely entries.  Blogs should speak to your target audience with insight into interesting legal developments.  It should showcase in-depth knowledge and establish you and your firm as authorities on topics in your practice area(s).  It should have a unique personality and enhance your online presence.

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What are inbound marketing? And personas?

Inbound marketing certainly is a popular term these days. We hear it every day, and see it all over social media, news media, internal memos, external correspondence.

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The Idiot's Guide to Remarketing

Remarketing? Another New Term?

Have you ever wondered why ads seem to follow you around after you've searched for something online? Like you looked at a new Toyota, or Chrysler on a website, and now everywhere you go online seems to be running an ad for Toyota, or Chrysler?

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Why enter the wonderful world of display ads

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Whitepaper: 5 Simple Principles of eMail Marketing

While many marketers are talking about Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I wonder how many new marketers take advantage advantage of eMail marketing. It isn't new. It isn't sexy. It isn't hard (yay!). But it is effective.

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How much do I love eMail Marketing?

I love eMail marketing a lot!

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Fixing 5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes

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What is Adaptive SEO? Isn't all SEO the same?

For those of us who focus on achieving marketing objectives through online media, keeping up with the topic of "search engine optimization" is a daily necessity. Unfortunately, the industry legacy is based on a competitive race between clever search algorithm developers at Google, and other search engines, vs. clever "optimizers" who try to take advantage of the algorithms to get their (and their client's) sites to show up more prominently than the competition.

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Adaptive SEO - The Proper Approach to Being Found on Search Engines - YouTube

WSI has developed a framework for making sure your web presence is optimized for search engines. Called Adaptive SEO, this video lays out 5 aspects you need to attend to, for your content and expertise to be found at the top of search results for your important keywords.

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How can PPC become a "leaky bucket?"

You can carry a lot of water in a big bucket, and PPC can carry a lot of your online marketing load.

But each step required to plan and execute and effective PPC campaign is an opportunity to introduce a leak in your bucket.

Follow this guidance in this article, to help you keep you the most effectiveness in your PPC campaign, and keep the infographic around for quick reference and reminders as you build your campaiigns.

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