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Don’t Ignore Mobile Optimization in 2017

Are you reading this blog on a mobile device?  The chances are good that you are.  Digital marketers have understood the power of mobile marketing for several years now.  It is ironic that something small enough to carry in your pocket or purse, may have the biggest effect on SEO.  If you haven’t yet optimized for mobile and created a mobile marketing strategy you are going to find yourself falling further and further behind your competition.  Mobile users are growing exponentially and want information that is quick and easy to navigate. So, a word of advice... Don't ignore mobile optimization in 2017!

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Why Mobile Search Drives RWD and Mobile-Friendly Websites

Just reading a summary report from eMarketer Daily, with some hard data backing up what many of us know already: internet searching from mobile devices is exploding. Many of my friends and business associates know because we all do it personally.

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Is your web presence ready for 2013?

This is the time of year when smart business owners and executives evaluate what worked, and what didn't work, in the past year.

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