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Website 'Must-Haves' for 2016

Your website is your business' most critical marketing asset. But here's the problem...it's leaking traffic, leads and revenue right now.

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Moz Local 1.0 Review – Not Much Happening

As my friend Andre Savoie says, those of us who help local businesses get found online are always looking for that Local SEO Unicorn. The elusive thing that will make it easy to get a handle on all those local directory and map listings.

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What is Adaptive SEO? Isn't all SEO the same?

For those of us who focus on achieving marketing objectives through online media, keeping up with the topic of "search engine optimization" is a daily necessity. Unfortunately, the industry legacy is based on a competitive race between clever search algorithm developers at Google, and other search engines, vs. clever "optimizers" who try to take advantage of the algorithms to get their (and their client's) sites to show up more prominently than the competition.

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Adaptive SEO - The Proper Approach to Being Found on Search Engines - YouTube

WSI has developed a framework for making sure your web presence is optimized for search engines. Called Adaptive SEO, this video lays out 5 aspects you need to attend to, for your content and expertise to be found at the top of search results for your important keywords.

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The Definition of "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO)

I was just reading this thought-provoking blog post from Krista LaRiviere, on the evolving definition of Search Engine Optimization (a.k.a. SEO).

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Are trademarks only for large businesses?

One of the fun parts of helping all different kinds of businesses market themselves online, is searching for clever, and meaningful URLs to support their brand and their message.

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7 Steps to Optimize Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Every now and then I talk to people about paid search advertising, I'll hear "oh I never click on those sponsored links."

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Why Mobile Search Drives RWD and Mobile-Friendly Websites

Just reading a summary report from eMarketer Daily, with some hard data backing up what many of us know already: internet searching from mobile devices is exploding. Many of my friends and business associates know because we all do it personally.

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Wasting half your money on marketing a small business?

My business day started with a note from a favorite client about a radio ad campaign he recently ran. He terminated the 6 month campaign after just one month, because the cost was high, and there were no discernible results. The radio station had promised him visibility on their high-traffic websites, but there was no indication that visitors were interested in his offering.

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