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What is old is new again - Display Advertising

Those of us who do search engine optimization, social media consulting, and content marketing, tend to focus our efforts on what is new and different about the digital marketing landscape. Yet sometimes, what is old becomes new again. And so it is for online display advertising. Sort of.

As the digital landscape matures into a suite of mainstream media, some of the old mainstream marketing approaches are becoming more important. Quite simply, the viewers of broadcast television and readers of newspapers and magazines, increasingly get their articles and programming through their computer, tablet, or phone.

And so the opportunity presents itself for marketers to put their message in front of these audiences, pretty much the way they used to, back when we watched 3 or 4 TV networks, and read one or two newspapers a day, or even drove by billboards on the daily drive to work that we abandoned to work from home.

But something actually is pretty different about today's display advertising from that old generation of advertising. First and foremost, display advertising is much more accessible to small and mid-sized businesses than the mass media of the past. This is because the cost of distributing electronic content is nearly nil, and doesn't require the physical infrastructure that old broadcast and print media needed.

So every small or mid-sized who have not done this type of advertising in the past should now be in the game.

If you are going to join in, the 5 tips in this video will help you be successful in your new endeavor:

1. Targeting - You can target online display advertising to reach your audience based on several types of factors. Use the medium to focus your message based on criteria such as:

  • Geography - where they are
  • Demographic - income, education, or age
  • Behavioral - other websites they visit, what they search for
  • Site-specific - the content they selectively view

2. Design - To be effective, your display advertising needs to do more than just show up. Your display advertising should

  • Carry your branding
  • Highlight your offer
  • Promote a visible call to action

3. Remarketing - This is definitely a new aspect of advertising not available in the older media - the ability to know if a web user has been to your site before, and having other media outlets (e.g. online news sites, ad-supported blogs, or video content providers) present your targeted ads, based on that prior visit to your site.

4. Hone the landing page - Perhaps you've heard the old saw "be specific to be terrific." Don't just send online audiences to your home page. Create a landing page that speaks to each audience segment. Remove distractions, and improve your content to funnel them toward your desired Call to Action ("CTA").

5. Know, and optimize, your cost per acquistion. Return on Investment (ROI), is a key measure in all business activities, and advertising is no different. What is different about digital advertising, is the availability of information to support your analysis, and improve performance. For instance, by using tracking online and phone inquiries, you can try different CTA's and determine which is more effective.

Keep these tips in mind as you go about your online advertising, and you can expand your market presence and grow your business.

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