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Infographic: How to Convert More Leads Without Generating Any New Traffic

When it comes to landing pages, the numbers are skewed. Landing pages do a staggeringly effective job at converting site visitors into paying customers. But directing customers to a standalone landing pages is an underused tactic.

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Create Highly Effective Content that Generates New Leads for Law Firms

Content is king.  We’ve been hearing it for years.  But what, exactly, is content marketing and how does your law firm “buy in” and create a content marketing strategy that meeting’s your goals, builds your brand, attracts new clients, and grows revenue?

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PPC for Law Firms: Generate Leads and Increase Revenue

Imagine you’re sitting at your desk wondering why your law firm’s billings are not where you want them to be.  Wouldn’t it be great if just then, the phone rang, or a message from your website came into your inbox with an inquiry from a qualified prospective client?  Wouldn’t it be even better if more of these were coming in every day?

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Does Your Law Firm Have an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Marketing your law firm today is much different than it was just ten years ago. Since the advent of the Internet, people are now doing their own research online, long before they ever reach out to a law firm.  This shift has changed how firms need to both market and interact with prospective clients in order to be successful.

People now go to the web on their own with legal questions.  They want to begin to have their specific challenges addressed and questions answered before they speak with an attorney.  If your law firm doesn’t address these pain points, you’re quickly going to fall behind your competition.

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Remarketing…A Law Firm’s Secret Weapon

The goal of a successful legal marketing campaign is to get people to take action and hire your firm.  You want to drive relevant traffic to your law firm’s website, provide valuable information, and ultimately have that visitor contact your firm.  Not all potential clients will pick up the phone or fill out a consultation request form on their first visit, but they still may be good leads.  So, how do you keep your firm visible to those prospective clients and encourage them to revisit your website and take action?  The simple answer is remarketing, also known as retargeting.

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SEO for Law Firms: Increase Website Traffic and Generate Leads

People are looking online for an attorney to solve a problem.  In order to accommodate the needs of your potential clients, you have most likely taken the time and spent the money to have an attractive and informative website created.  Not all that long ago, this was all you needed in order to be quickly found with an internet search for lawyers in a specific practice area. However, these days, the internet is flooded with webpages, blog articles, eBooks and social media pages, all vying for clients and the top spot on the search results page.  In order to stand out and get the website traffic and leads you want, you’re going to need a powerful SEO strategy. 

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Yes, you can (add video to law firm marketing)

This is a guest post, courtesy of Anna Davalos, founder of Alejo Media, a Northern Virginia video production company.

Thinking of creating videos to promote your law firm online?  Online marketing is critical to any firm's growth, and today's online marketing challenge is attention - how to get it among all the messaging out on on the web.

Video lets you cut through a lot of the clutter. It's is flexible and can go in your content marketing, email signature, on your website, blog, digital advertising and social media.

Yet some law firms are still resisting, often for one of these reasons: 

  • I can't do videos, I might get sued.
  • I can't do videos, my industry has certain rules.
  • I can't do videos because what I do is too hard to explain.

I've got news for you, you can do videos and more than likely you NEED video. Specifically for the reasons you've just given me. One group in particular who tells me this is lawyers.

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Marketing Automation: Turning Visitors into Leads

One of the popular misconceptions I hear from people who are relatively new to internet marketing is that everything is about getting more visitor traffic to your website.  While getting more traffic is a desireable goal - particularly for a new or growing business - you need to identify the potential leads, and efficiently nurture them into new clients.

As buyers of virtually all goods and services enjoy the ability to research and understand their needs and sift through their options online before they have to talk to a salesperson, the responisibility for identifying the leads and nurturing them increasingly needs to be done with your online marketing tools. The definition of "Marketing Automation" is the process of using your website, email, workflows, and social media, to sift through your website visitors to identify and nurture leads into clients.

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Why Does a Law Firm’s Website Matter?

Most attorneys meet with their clients in their office, in person.  So why does your website need to be anything more than just an overview, showing potential clients a list of the areas of the law you practice, who the firm attorneys are with short bios, and a contact page with address, phone and email?

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Don’t Ignore Mobile Optimization in 2017

Are you reading this blog on a mobile device?  The chances are good that you are.  Digital marketers have understood the power of mobile marketing for several years now.  It is ironic that something small enough to carry in your pocket or purse, may have the biggest effect on SEO.  If you haven’t yet optimized for mobile and created a mobile marketing strategy you are going to find yourself falling further and further behind your competition.  Mobile users are growing exponentially and want information that is quick and easy to navigate. So, a word of advice... Don't ignore mobile optimization in 2017!

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